Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wow. A Tour of Nissan's Zama Storage Facility

For anyone who is a Nissan fan, you are going to love this. I came across a post from that features a plethora of pictures from Nissan's Zama storage facility. Apparently, an avid Nissan fan was lucky enough to get a tour of the facility and he brought his camera.

All I can say is wow. From 510s to Sentras to Skylines - all of Nissan's cars are there. Whether it be the first Nissans built (looks like Nissan's version of the Model T) to the 280Z - anything Nissan related can be found in this vast storage facility. The fan took tons of pictures - you've got to see these if you are a Nissan fan. There are cars you've probably only ever heard about pictured. Highly recommended.

Here are more pictures from the source. Don't miss these either.

If these pictures inspire you to buy a Nissan, here are some recent, actual 350Z prices too!

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