Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gas prices across the US and hybrid sales

An informative (and shocking) website called GasBuddy has published a heat map that shows the gas prices across the country. While the entire country is experiencing super high gas prices, California seems to be hit especially hard. According to GasBuddy, California has the highest gas prices at $4.36 per gallon or greater. Parts of Wyoming, Oklahoma and Missouri appear to have some of the lowest gas prices at $3.70-$3.79 per gallon.

It's no wonder that California leads the US in new hybrid registrations, with 26.1% of all new hybrids purchased (according to MSNBC). Here are the runner-up 'green' states:

1. California, 26.1 percent
2. Florida, 5.5
3. New York, 5.0
4. Texas, 4.9
5. Washington, 3.7
6. Illinois, 3.7
7. Virginia, 3.4
8. Pennsylvania, 3.2
9. Massachusetts, 2.8
10. New Jersey, 2.8

NewYork, coming in as the third 'greenest' state, seems to also have higher gas prices than the rest of the nation (though not as extreme as those of California).

Of course, the leading hybrid is still the Toyota Prius.

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