Saturday, December 27, 2008

Use the Toyota Prius as a life saving generator

In a recent snowstorm in the Northeast, one Toyota Prius owner used his hybrid to run his refrigerator, TV, freezer and heater during the power outage. For 5 days, his trusty Prius was able to power his home and keep things running.

The Toyota Prius brings new meaning to the word 'utility'. Maybe it should be a called a HUV or hybrid utility vehicle.

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Javier Cutts said...

I remember our neighbor who used to use his car's battery to light their house whenever there would be a black out because of a storm. His car was a Buick, LA which gives light to every corner of their house. Most of the people in the neighborhood that time also wanted to have the same car just to be relieved by the stress that the situation is giving. So, after the dramatic storm, Dad went to an Orange County car dealer to have a great battery for his car as a preparation for the storms that would pass by our shore land.

Braydenblake said...

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