Friday, February 24, 2012

Tesla Electric Cars - Should they have a battery health gauge?

Recent reports have claimed that the Tesla Roadster and Model X can have their batteries completely ruined if they are completely drained and left uncharged for long periods. The Tesla Roadster, the older of the two models. cannot be left uncharged for more than 2 months. The new Tesla Model X cannot be left unattended for more than 1 year. 

When these cars are resold, I have to wonder if there should be some type of gauge, similar to the odometer which reports on the health and durability of the car's battery. If I were buying a used Tesla, the second thing I would want to know is whether the owner took care of the battery. Like the odometer, this mechanism should be tamper-resistant and not susceptible to owners messing around with the settings. Obviously, used hybrid cars don't have this problem because their gas engines automatically start when the battery reaches a certain level. 

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