Saturday, January 5, 2008

Top 15 Family Sedans from Consumer Reports - Feb 2008

In the latest issue of Consumer Reports magazine (2/2008), the top affordable family sedans were revealed. The biggest revelation was the fact that the almighty Honda Accord lost its top spot the Nissan Altima. The price range (new) for this category ranged from $20,415 (Mercury Milan) to $23,900 (Kia Optima). Here are the latest rankings:

1) Nissan Altima
2) Honda Accord
3) Kia Optima (4 cylinder)
4) Toyota Camry
5) Hyundai Sonata SE
6) Kia Optima (V6)
7) Hyundai Sonata GLS
8) Mazda6 i
9) Ford Fusion
10) Mercury Milan
11) Subaru Legacy
12) Saturn Aura XE
13) Mitsubishi Galant
14) Pontiac G6
15) Chrysler Sebring

Besides the Accords slip to the number 2 spot, I was also surprised to see 4 Korean cars in the top 7 spots. I guess I still remember when the Hyundai Excel (~$4000 new) was considered a disposable car, much like the Yugo.

With new car ratings, the pricing is pretty narrow. As you start looking at used versions of these cars, the number of factors to consider multiples (mileage, location (snow vs. sun), condition, Carfax history, etc...). Be sure to check PriceHub's actual sale prices for all 15 of these models and all other cars and trucks.

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