Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tata Nano - the first $2500 car in the US?

Tata, an Indian automaker, is building a $2500 car. The Tata Nano is 10 feet long and is powered by a 2 cylinder engine. It gets an estimated 51 MPG. While there are no immediate plans to sell this car in the US yet, I'm sure that we'll start seeing these driving around shortly. One of the challenges with bringing these micro cars to the US is that the vehicles don't yet meet US safety and emission standards. By the time these cars are modified for the US, you can bet that the price will rise.

Personally, I think the car looks like a deformed Prius that has been pushed together from the front and back. It doesn't look like there are any crumple zones in the car either. I believe the engine is mounted in the back to conserve space. My biggest fear for this car is its safety - you could very well end up with one a tire in your lap in a minor accident.

With oil hitting $126 per barrel, you can bet that cheap, gas-efficient cars will be in high demand, even if the cars look like deformed Priuii.

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Anonymous said...

those tires look like they are from a golf cart.

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Joshua's Law said...

Their might be change in the price when Nano reached American roads, As our safety standards, our road standards are very much differ with India. so to make A American standard vehicle could increase the vehicle cost but still it's was the lowest priced car for on sell in USA.

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Hey nano for Europe may going to hit America which is looks awesome & also reached the international standard

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