Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday PriceHub!

Two years ago, we started PriceHub to bring price transparency of vehicles to the mass consumer.  Our goal was to provide a place where people can find the actual selling price of cars and trucks.  Two years have passed, and we now have a robust database of selling prices for just about every car, from the everyday Honda Accord to the exotic Ferrari 360.  Many users now visit our site before they complete a vehicle purchase or sale transaction.  There are also many people who visit the site just to track vehicle prices and to follow market trends.  Our goal for this next year is to continue to provide valuable information on pricing for people who want to see actual vehicle prices.  We have a few site upgrades in mind, and we'll reveal new features as they are rolled out.  Please continue to send us feedback because we like hearing and getting people's opinions about our site.  And oh, by the way, Happy Birthday PriceHub! 


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