Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What is a used Honda CRX worth?

When the 1988-1991 Honda CRX came on the market, it was advertised as having 105HP, which was an incredible amount of power for such a small car back then. The SI version was the version everyone wanted - available in red, yellow, white and black.

When I got my 1988 red SI, I paid about $3500 for it, with 90,000 miles on it at the time (in 1997). My CRX had the power sunroof and even had aftermarket power windows. The popularity of these little cars is still very strong - while I don't see as many of these out on the road today, I always look twice when I drive by one. When the time came for me to sell my CRX, I had put 80,000 additional miles on the car. Overall, it was still in good condition - it was my daily commuter, so it had the usual wear and tear. 6 years after I bought the car, I was still able to sell it for $2300, extra 80K miles and all.

Looking at the prices for CRXs on PriceHub, I noticed that the range of prices was between $500-$5000 for a 1988-1991 CRX. For such an old car, the range of prices was quite wide:

Honda CRX Actual Prices

I was especially interested to see the $5000 CRX - it had 54,000 original miles. It's a SI too. For a CRX fan who is looking for a pristine example, it doesn't get too much better than 54,000 original miles.

It's a great little car if you can find the right one.

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