Monday, May 5, 2008

SMART Car pricing premiums revisited

A few months ago, I wrote about the Smart Car price premiums people were paying in order to be the first on their block to own a new Smart ForTwo. In February, gas prices were high, but they weren't as high as they are now ($4+ here in SF). I was curious to see if these high gas prices had any effect on the demand for Smart Cars. Since my Smart Car MSRP premium post, PriceHub has had 9 real sold prices for Smart Cars entered. They all seem to have sold for significantly more than the MSRP price - following the same pattern that I saw back in February:

SMART Pure: +38% over MSRP
SMART Passion: +39% above MSRP
SMART Passion Cabriolet: +33% above MSRP

Here are some of the more recent sold price entries:

Passion Cabriolet - $22,500 (Idaho)
Passion Cabriolet - $22,500 (Florida)
Passion Coupe - $19,450 (Pennsylvania)
Passion Cabriolet - $23,000 (Wisconsin)

See all SMART ForTwo Sold Prices.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm i think they are not backing up the price, my be if the biofuel cars are in and electric cars, may the price will go down, nice review....

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Anonymous said...

I think Smart cars would be more popular with the coming few months. Though the fuel price problems has decreased, there is still a problem with the economy and smart cars are still a good use. though there are also much other competition, I just hope it would reach my country